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Arrangements and Compositions

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Beginning Flute Arrangements

Primary Band Companion

These flexible arrangements are designed for flute students who are in their first year of a band method.
1. Flute: this part is the melody of a familiar primary song or hymn.
2. Flute 2: this duet part is optional. The duet part is at roughly the same level as the solo, so two beginning flutists may easily play a duet in church.
3. Accompaniment Piano for Solo or Duet: This part may accompany either the first flute for a solo or both flutes playing a duet. It would also be appropriate while someone sings the melody.

It is my hope that these arrangements will enable young flutists to begin sharing their musical talents in the first few months of study. I will add new songs whenever they are completed. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any suggestions, corrections, special requests for songs, or just to chat about the Primary Band Companion.

Song Required skills Score and Parts Score Alone Recording
Jesus Said Love Everyone F, Eb, D, C, Bb and quarter, half, and whole notes Only available in full collection - coming soon Free mp3
The Still Small Voice as above, plus slurs and eighth notes Only available in full collection - coming soon Free mp3
Seek the Lord Early as above, plus G, A (both octaves), ties, and dotted notes Only available in full collection - coming soon Free mp3
I Am Like a Star as above Only available in full collection - coming soon Free mp3
Popcorn Popping as above, plus high Bb Only available in full collection - coming soon Free mp3
The Holy Ghost as above Buy now Buy now mp3
Do As I'm Doing as above, plus sixteenths (introduces double tonguing, syncopated rhythms by rote) Buy now mp3
Book of Mormon Stories as above, plus low F Buy now Buy now mp3
Once There Was a Snowman as above, plus E natural Buy now Buy now mp3
Love is Spoken Here as above, plus F# coming soon coming soon Coming soon
I Will Follow God's Plan as above, plus Ab (both octaves) Only available in full collection - coming soon Free mp3
I Know That My Savior Loves Me as above, plus high C Only available in full collection - coming soon Free mp3
When I Am Baptized as above, plus dotted eighth/sixteenth rhythm Buy now mp3
Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam as above (in 6/8 time) Buy now Buy now mp3
A Child's Prayer - coming soon as above, plus triplets and sixteenth notes and B natural coming soon coming soon Coming soon
The Church of Jesus Christ - coming soon as above coming soon coming soon Coming soon
Follow the Prophet - coming soon as above, plus C# and simple multiphonics coming soon coming soon

Flute Ensembles

Song Composed/Arranged Description Cost Recording
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Challinor/Parker/Bogardus A duet for two flutists at the late beginner or early intermediate level. It is in the key of Bb and has a range from low C up to third octave G. The lilting melody sounds beautiful when performed on flute, and the never-ending ins and outs are fun to play! Free mp3
Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words to Each Other Beesley/Townsend/Bogardus This flexible flute ensemble arrangement may be performed in 2, 3, or 4 parts. For a duet, play parts 1 and 2. Add part 3 for a trio and part 4 for a quartet. For separate alto or bass flute parts to expand to a full flute choir, please contact me.This hymn is one of my favorites to sing - at high volume! - during heated arguments. The tune is cheerful and the rhythmic contrasts, when well-defined, really add interest to the piece. Free mp3
Ding Dong Merrily On High Woodward/Bogardus This two-and-a-half minute arrangement of a lively Christmas carol for flexible flute ensemble moves from a traditional bell-like opening to a jazzy, swing feel with a groove your altos and basses are sure to love! May be performed by as few as four flutists or a full flute choir. Parts for four C flutes and optional beginning, alto, and bass flutes. The beginning flute part - a unique feature in the flute choir repertoire - will allow even first-year players to perform with your choir. It includes fingering and accidental reminders as well as tips to help establish good habits for your beginners. Buy now mp3
A Whole New World Menken, Rice/Bogardus Flowing and lyrical, this flexible flute ensemble arrangement is perfect for flute quartets and choirs of all levels. Its core is a flute quartet of approximately level two or three (late middle school/high school), which may be performed with no low flutes or expanded to include alto and bass flutes. In addition, a special beginning flute part is included. By including your beginning flutists in your flute choir experience, you will introduce them to ensemble playing in a whole new way, and they will naturally start to imitate some of the phrasing and articulation they hear from the experienced players around them. In my own studio, I have had immeasurable benefits as a result of this practice. While beginners may not explicitly have been taught all of the rhythms and markings included in this piece, since their part is always played by someone else they will learn them quite easily. I find that beginners who have been playing in my studio for approximately 4-6 months are ready to join in with this piece. This arrangement opens with an imitative chord building sequence, then moves directly into the melody supported by a rhythmic, choir-inspired background. Syncopated rhythms and quarter note triplets are used to add interest, and each part has a moment to shine. The texture is mostly full throughout with some striking contrasts in two sections when the low flutes drop out, allowing legato melodic lines to really shine through. It starts in D Major and ends in F Major, with a range of low C to F above the staff. Though it is easy enough for a professional group to prepare in one rehearsal, it provides opportunities for expressive and intonation work that will benefit any flute choir or small ensemble and is a wonderful choice to stretch younger flute groups who may be more comfortable only in flat keys. The hauntingly beautiful ending is sure to induce sighs in the audience. Parts: Flute 1 Flute 2 Flute 3 Flute 4/Bass Flute (Bass Flute optional) Alto Flute (optional) Beginning Flute (optional) Only available through Sheet Music Plus mp3


Come, Ye Thankful People Come is a simple arrangement of a hymn often sung at Thanksgiving. This a capella arrangement borrows a different hymn tune for variety in the second verse and is very flexible. It may be sung as an SATB arrangement or an SAB arrangement and includes an optional tenor solo. In the third verse both the original hymn melody and the new one are combined for some wonderful harmonies. It is quite easy to learn in just a few short rehearsals.