McCook Area Homeschool Co-op

Q&A Session

We will have a Zoom Q&A session on June 26th at 10AM. Watch Remind and Facebook for the link. This is where to go if you have questions or just want to chat with us!

Annual Planning Meeting

Set the date - our annual planning meeting will be August 16th at 10AM in Kelley Park, McCook, Nebraska! Come with or without kids. While the kids are playing, we will answer questions about how the group works, finalize class offerings, and show you how to register.

Co-op Dates

We will have the co-op from 9-12 on the following Wednesdays this fall: Sept. 15, 22, 29, and Oct. 6, followed by a two-week break, and then the final two sessions on Oct. 27 and Nov. 3. Hope to see you there!

Kids at Playground
About the Co-op

This co-op is for every homeschooler close enough to McCook, Nebraska to join us! Keely Wilson, Sarah Weber & Rebecca Bogardus are spearheading the effort, but we need all of your help to make it happen. Here is what we have already discussed (most of this is negotiable - come to the meetings to give your input!). We honestly are not sure if this will work well in practice, so expect some adjustments as time goes on!

  • The co-op will meet once a week for 6 weeks in the fall and six weeks in the spring, currently 9-12 on Wednesday mornings at McCook Community College.

  • Families may join each term (fall and spring) in one of two ways:​

    • Be a participating member (see below) and pay a $25/family fee to offset co-op costs​

    • Be a non-participating member and pay a $50/family fee

  • A "participating member" means that your family is providing either a teacher for one class or a helper for two classes (the teacher/helper must be an adult). If you would like to do more, you are more than welcome to! Parents do not need to stay unless they have responsibilities or want to stay. If we don't get enough teachers/helpers for all three hours, we may have to reassess how we do this.

    • Please note that the co-op has to pay $200 for our venue each term. If we do not have enough members to pay for the cost, we may need to cancel the term.​ (In other words, if enough families do not join, we will either have to cancel the co-op or charge each family more in order to cover the venue cost.)

  • In addition to the family fee, certain classes may also have supply requirements, and the cost of supplies will either be split among families, or families will be asked to provide their own supplies.

    • If we bring in teachers who are not participating members of the co-op (for example, an art teacher from the community rather than a parent), they will need to be paid a fa​ir wage. We have yet to decide how to pay for that - whether our membership fees will be enough to cover it or whether the cost will be split among students of that class or all members of the co-op.

  • We will have anywhere from 2-4 age groups, dependent upon who participates. All age groups will have classes for the entire time from 9AM-12PM. Currently the age groups we are hoping to split into are:

    • Under 5​ years old

    • 5-9 years old

    • 10-13 years old

    • 14 years old & up

  • Classes for under 5 years old will be mostly social/playtime, with a few structured activities, and will be led by the same teacher for the entire time.

  • Classes/clubs for 5 and up will be prescheduled on a given subject, probably an hour each. We are asking people to fill out the Facebook McCook Area Homeschoolers' group poll about class options so we can have a good idea of what classes people want. Those wanting to teach can add their class ideas to the list to see what the interest level in your class is.
  • All classes/clubs will have a minimum of two adults. Children are welcome to run clubs (or classes if they feel competent), but will still need two adult helpers in the room.
    • If a teacher can't come in (for example, if they or a child is sick), their helper can either teach the class that day or supervise the class as they play board games, which we will have on site. Any parent who is not acting as a helper or teaching may be asked to fill in as the second adult in the room if one of the adults isn't there.​
  • Finances: We will currently only be using cash payments. We need two people to act as finance officers. They will be in charge of collecting money and paying expenses. They will also keep a Google Sheets file where all income and expenses are listed for any member of the co-op to view whenever they would like. All money received will go towards co-op expenses such as venue, class supplies, and paying teachers who are not members of the co-op.


Questions? Want to help us plan? Please contact Rebecca Bogardus, Sarah Weber or Keely Wilson (we are on Facebook, or you can send a message through the Remind Homeschoolers group and we will see it, or you can use this contact form). It would also help us plan if you sign up here if you know your are interested.