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Studio Bogardus is currently the home of The Magic Flutes, a free flute choir open to flutists of all ages and ability levels. We meet on Thursday nights in McCook. Looking for a different ensemble to join? We can help you find the perfect group - just ask! THE MAGIC FLUTES IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS UNTIL GLOBAL CONDITIONS IMPROVE.

Private Lessons

One-on-one time with an expert on your instrument. Lessons tailored to your specific needs, and focusing on the music you want to play. We currently have teachers for flute, guitar/ukelele, and piano. Looking for another teacher? Check out our teacher directory for McCook and the the surrounding area!

Group Classes

Prefer a group to one-on-one? Group classes can be incredibly fun and motivating! Some classes are offered through the studio and some through McCook Community College. Contact us for more information! Already in one of our group classes? Check out our Student Resources for videos and more.

Piano Tunings, Instrument Repairs

We have a piano and flute technician on staff. Tunings and repairs should be scheduled well in advance as our shop is quite busy. Want to increase the amount of time between piano tunings? We highly recommend Dampp-Chaser Humidifier Systems - ask us how they can help!

Wedding Band
Instrument & Accessory Sales

Our instrument rental program is the best in the business - 100% of your rent goes toward the cost of the instrument, with no loss of accrued value when upgrading or switching instruments. We also sell accessories such as stands, reeds, picks, and straps. Don't see it? Just ask - we can get it for you! We price match whenever possible. Our instrument inventory is currently quite limited, so get your instrument before they're gone! Don't forget to ask about our sheet music sales!

Sheet Music Edits
Music composition and arranging

We've amassed quite a collection of original compositions and arrangements over the years. Yes, we accept some commissions. Check out our Compositions and Arrangements page for more information!

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