Private Lessons

One-on-one weekly lessons with an expert.

Lessons tailored to your specific needs, and focusing on the music you want to play, and all of our private students receive a free once-a-month group class. What could be better? We currently have teachers for flute, guitar, ukulele, and piano. Looking for another teacher? Check out our teacher directory for McCook and the surrounding area!

Group Sessions

Free group classes for private students


Any regular private students* are invited to a free group session each month. Students must take at least two lessons during the month in order to qualify. During group classes, we will explore music history and music theory through games and activities and will play ensemble pieces together. Space is limited for each session.

*Students of other teachers are welcome to join us with their teacher's written permission; cost is $5 per session for out-of-studio participants.


Music Link

Scholarships for budding musicians

Studio Bogardus takes seriously its mission to provide a quality music education to all students. That is why we have partnered with MusicLink, a national non-profit organization, to offer scholarships for budding musicians. After some paperwork through MusicLink, our studio offers a direct discount to students dependent on need. There is no difference in service provided to MusicLink students compared to non-MusicLink students. If this sounds like a solution for you, check out the link below!