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Bare Branches allows your very newest students to shine with a haunting minor  melody. It begins with a unison statement of the theme by the first two parts, allowing beginners to learn to phrase musically by listening to and then playing with more experienced players. The easiest part then continues with the melody while parts one and two harmonize and embellish it. Trio with split first part. (Minimum four players)

If your student has mastered the following, they can attempt the part:
Flute 1: Flute 101 Lesson 23, Blocki Book 2 Unit 2
Flute 2: Flute 101 Lesson 13, Blocki page 72
Flute 3: Flute 101 Lesson 4, Blocki Page 54

About Ensembles by the Book:
Beginners will have a blast with these ensemble arrangements leveled to correlate with popular flute method books! Each part is correlated with a specific lesson in the Flute 101 series and Blocki Flute Method.
*Please note that these arrangements correlate with method books meant for private lessons, which typically begin with the notes B, A, and G, rather than band methods, which start students less beginner-friendly flute notes.

Bare Branches

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