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Beginners will have a blast with these ensemble arrangements leveled to correlate with popular flute method books! Each part is correlated with a specific lesson in the Flute 101 and Blocki Methods.


Creating an ensemble for your beginning flute students is one of the best things you can do for them; intonation, phrasing, and dynamics are all more effectively taught when reinforced through ensemble work. Since these are multi-level ensembles, your students will quickly find role models within your studio who are playing at a higher level, increasing motivation to practice so they can play the harder parts the next time!  


*Please note that these arrangements correlate with method books meant for private lessons, which typically begin with the notes B, A, and G, rather than band methods, which start students with less beginner-friendly flute notes.


Collection A

Collection A includes two trios, two quartets, and one trio with a split first part. The pieces work well together if you are looking for a great concert program. They are presented here roughly in ascending order of difficulty.

As a special bonus, extra parts for alto flute, bass flute, Bb instruments, Eb instruments, French Horn, and Bass clef instruments are included for The Water Is Wide and the William Tell Overture if you would like to expand your ensemble


Included in Collection A

Robins' Dance


The Water Is Wide

Bare Branches

The William Tell Overture

Ensembles By the Book, Collection A

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