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Watch a video of this arrangement here.


This version of "Love One Another" includes two versions. The fully realized version is a fully notated solo, complete with ornamentation, requiring no improvisational skills from the players. The original version includes an option for the first flute to improvise their own embellished version of the melody during the repeat section.


This arrangement is part of the Primary Band Companion for LDS artists. These flexible arrangements are designed for flute students and include:

1. Solo Flute: this part is the melody of a familiar primary song or hymn.

2. Optional Flute 2: this duet part is optional. The duet part is at roughly the same level as the solo, so two beginning flutists may easily play a duet in church.

3. Accompaniment Piano for Solo or Duet: This part may accompany either the first flute for a solo or both flutes playing a duet. It would also be appropriate while someone sings the melody.

It is my hope that these arrangements will enable young flutists to begin sharing their musical talents in the first few months of study.

Love One Another

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