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Watch a video of this arrangement here!


This lyric folk tune dates back to the 1600s and provides a perfect opportunity to develop musicality. If a student has mastered the lesson listed below, they can play the part! 

Part 1: Flute 101 Lesson 7, Blocki Page 43
Part 2: Flute 101 Lesson 7, Blocki Page 43
Part 3: Flute 101 Lesson 6, Blocki Page 32
Part 4: Flute 101 Lesson 5, Blocki Page 32

About Ensembles by the Book:
Beginners will have a blast with these ensemble arrangements leveled to correlate with popular flute method books! Each part is correlated with a specific lesson in the Flute 101 series and Blocki Methods.

*Please note that these arrangements correlate with method books meant for private lessons, which typically begin with the notes B, A, and G, rather than band methods, which start students less beginner-friendly flute notes.


This quartet includes additional parts allowing you to expand your ensemble to become a flute choir or include other instrumentalists.

The Water is Wide

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